lunedì 27 settembre 2010


Spontaneous rainbow featuring my dirty black Converse, proving that everything can be beautiful under the right light.

domenica 26 settembre 2010

The Best of The Best 2011

If you already are a follower of this blog you might know of my obsession in connecting fashion with pop-culture. Here's a new episode of "The Best of The Best", completely dedicated to S/S 2011 (which was quite a disappointment to me). More to come, I hope, but as for now enjoy~

Betsey Johnsons meets The Smurfs
Because y'all know you need a Smurf outfit in your wardrobe. Just don't ask me WHY.

Jeremy Scott meets ハードゲイ (Hard Gay)
Leather pants+thong. Nuff said.

Jil Sander meets the Jocker
Jil Sander like clean lines, and so does the Jocker. WHY SO SERIOUS, SANDER?

Just Cavalli meets Poison Ivy
Animalier got boring, so let's try with plants this time. And I've got a rush just by looking at the pictures of the show.

Prada meets the Cheshire Cat
THIS IS MADE OF AWESOMENESS AND MAGICAL PUSSY. How many Cheshire Cats did they kill to make that massive fur tail? Me wants, me needs.

Victoria Beckham meets Victoria Beckham and Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice

My hopes are all reposed in Victor&Rolf now.

Check out the old BEST OF THE BEST 2010 (Episode One & Two).

mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Omotesando is a place on Earth

(Field trip itinerary by Prof. Will Galloway, pictures various sources, collage by me)

Omotesando is the Mecca of Architecture, no doubts about it. A open air exposition of the best names of modern Architecture concentrated in a few square kilometers. Amazing buildings containing tailored dreams, sueded sins and quilted joy.

If you happen to be in Tokyo you should pay a visit to this Architecture and Fashion sanctuary and feel lost in its beauty. Tokyo can be so ugly at times, but places like Omotesando redeem the soul of this otherwise lost city.

venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Lucky red shoes.

I know I should be thinking of my Wonderland, but sometimes I feel like a little Dorothy, lost in the Land of Oz. This is when, almost unintentionally, I buy red clothes and accessoires.
The story behind these cute Marc Jacobs ballerina is quite funny, since I almost forgot I ordered them a few months ago on the net. When I came back to Italy to spend my summer break in my hometown, I found a pretty box next to my bed, and I naively thought it was a present from my mom.

I'm saving them for a "bon-ton" and romantic outfit, perhaps for a lovely winter date?
Oh, a girl can dream.