giovedì 30 giugno 2011

Snap snap I'm snapping at you.

It's summer here in Tokyo. Me and my fellow Tokyo people are battling the horrible humid summer heat. Looking good in such a weather is quite a challenge, but we still manage to be fab all the time. However, my bangs (yes, I got bangs back in Italy) become quite disgusting from time to time, but no worries, nothing that a shower cannot fix. Showering is the big thing, this summer. hehe.

I've purchased this lovely Cacharel for UNIQLO t-shirt a couple days ago. The print was just screaming my name, I had to get it. I'm all about bold prints lately.


Picture taken by mighty MARIE [BLOG]


By the way, make sure to check out my VOGUE Japan blog, Marie and I have been taking fashion snaps around our university, Waseda University. We are taking snaps of Japanese and International students, boys&girls. I'm really enjoying this experience, as it's quite refreshing for me to focus on street fashion from time to time. I do love high fashion, but as a 20-something student without a steady income I can easily relate to street fashion. BUT, I'm a dreamer, and my dreams are made of Chanel and Alexander McQueen (old school McQueen, thx).

WASEDA GIRLS fashion snaps Part 1
WASEDA BOYS fashion snaps Part 1