domenica 12 febbraio 2012

For the Love of God.

For the Love of God - Damien Hirst 2007

A platinum cast. 8601 diamonds. Human teeth. 

For the Love of God, this is beautiful. 
A couple years ago I almost bought a gorgeous t-shirt at the Mori Art Museum Shop with a print of this piece by Hirst, but then gave up when I saw the price-tag -16000JPY.
I'm way too obsessed with skulls. All your fault, Alexander. All your fault. 

If you, like me and pretty much anyone else in the whole galaxy, feel like you need a bling bling skull in your life but are unlikely able to spend 50 million pounds on it, 

iartistlondon sells a kit that will enable you to turn yourself into Hirst and create your own For the Love of God for a mere 49.9 pounds.   
Sweet, isn't it? 
Since I have some デコ電 (dekoden aka blingin' stuff up in Japanese) experience, I might give it a try.