venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

Vogue Style Blog

As I previously mentioned on this blog, there are some big news for me~
If you are following me on Twitter (@alicetokyo) you already know what I am talking about.
But, but.

A while ago I was approached by the staff of , and asked if I was interested in becoming a blogger for their portal. Obviously I said yes, and here I am, a VOGUEtte blogger for Vogue Japan's online portal. I believe this experience will be really rewarding and exciting for me, I still don't know why they choose me. Thank you anyway, VOGUEさん!

Alice's Blog
(here's the link)

I will be blogging in Japanese, but even if you don't speak Japanese I suggest you to check it every now and then, since some special contents related to Japan and Japanese fashion and events will be only aviable on my Vogue blog and not on Tokyo Quadrille. On those must-see posts I will add English captions as well, so don't worry about it.

If you want to leave some comments or simply browse the blog, but are not too familiar with Japanese, no problem! Here we go.

To leave comments:

Easy, isn't it! Feel free to leave comments in English/Italian/French as well!

Now, let's talk a little about the pretentious picture I'm using as my icon...

You cannot really see it, but I feel like writing a couple of lines about the jacket I was wearing for this shot (which I took myself, by the way). It's a great vintage piece, a Moschino Haute Cuture jacket from the 80's. I cannot take any credit for this awesome thrift, since I just stole it from my friend... She tried it on, and was too big for her. "Hey, mind if I try it on?". And there I am, with a jacket that compliments my curves (euphemism) and looks great on. I need to take a nice outfit picture featuring this baby.

That's all folks, hope to see you on my Style Blog for Vogue, but keep checking Tokyo Quadrille, my little treasure~ Ah, I love blogs way too much.

domenica 24 ottobre 2010

Ready to wear FF 2010 H A I R

So... I had my hair cut the other day and felt inspired enough to post something related today.
Those hair styles are from the ready-to-wear show FF 2010. Pictures from

I love love black hair, but I never had enough nerve to go fully black. Well, one time I dyed it black, but it wasn't permanent so I guess it doesn't count.
Tao looks extremely cute in her mushroom cut. It's so Tao.
Agyness as usual looks adorable in her trademark (??) hair-cut. My friend Ayana had a similar style, and I totally love it. Too bad she had her hair cut again~ Ayana go back to the Agyness cut please!
The Chanel style was indeed bigfoot style, but hey, we did not forget that yeti parade.

Sooo, braids for winter. Too bad EVERYONE got already bored with braids, since every fashionista, fashion blogger, and random person already showed off braids in every possible angle.
Miu Miu's two tone hair is indeed tempting cool and all, but I guess my hair looks like that when I'm to lazy to dye (or have it dyed) my hair for too long. And no, I'm not sure if I like some uber-popular fashion blogger's hair I won't name. There's a thin line between boho chic and lazy/borderline homeless.
Freja hair for Chloe' is HOT. And this time I really mean it. I should get a similar hair-cut/perm, since the shape of my face is pretty Freja-ish when I slim down. To bad now I can roll around instead of walking. Ha.

Blonde is pretty.
Should I join the Barbies or stay by the Dark Side of the Power?
I heard they have cookies.

Ok, I just realized this post makes no sense. Or no, wait. Maybe you can consider one of the above hair-styles when having your hair done?

giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

You're sexy&gorgeous.

Ferre' backstage Autum/Winter RTW 2010

Every woman is sexy and gorgeous.
Yet sometimes we manage to forget it.

Ladies, be strong.

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

First Day of School

Last Friday I had a very special meeting, but I will talk about it in detail in a week or so. Big news, who knows... he he he. I can only say I'm really excited!

My friend Marie was nice enough to take some pictures of me with her new camera, so after a long time I can post some pictures of my outfit. Thank you dear!

The outfit itself is really simple, and it's loosely based on the uniforms editorial on November's Nippon Vogue. In Italian schools uniforms are not mandatory, and only a few schools actually uses them. I've always liked uniforms, not only because they are terribly cute, but also because students always look neat and tidy for school. I really like this trend, because finally I can wear a "uniform" out on the streets without looking like a complete weirdo. Note the lack of make-up, so not me hahah

shirt n/a - sweater GAP (bf's) - skirt thrifted - shoes Fausta Moretti - bag bf's - criss cross necktie's pin Jiji (Maho no Takkyubin)

Sadly I forgot to ask Marie to take better pictures of my criss cross necktie and the pin I used. It's such a pity because it was so cute!

I don't remember if I was running for real or just posing, but my face is hilarious so I decided to post this one, just for you to have a laugh at my funny face.

My favorite photographer and dear friend, Marie. She's the sweetest and prettiest girl ever, too bad she always hides behind her kickass camera!

That's her trying to cheer up a sad Joe, from the boxing manga Ashita no Joe - Tomorrow's Joe. Random stuff you can only find in Japan, I guess.

domenica 10 ottobre 2010

Chanel, manga and platform shoes.

CHANEL SS11 shoes.

I've heard (and read online) a lot of people was addressing Chanel platform shoes as "plain ugly", but I find them so gorgeous I just kept staring at the shoes ignoring the clothing hanging on the models. People keep repeating "Less is more" like it was some kind of mantra, but when it comes to reality everybody looks the fancy clothes and crazy shoes. I've always been extremely picky with shoes. Those Chanel shoes are pure perfection expressed trough a clean and practical design. I can't really imagine my feet hurt when wearing platforms. I just noticed I pasted a pair of sleek leather boots in, without any platform under it, but it was just a reminder for me since those would be the perfect boots I've been hunting for ages. Not that I can afford them, but it's nice to know that THEY DO EXIST.
Platforms might scream 90's, but I do not care, even if I regard the 90's as a big disgrace to the humanity in its whole essence. Ok, I just wanted to exaggerate.

Original Artwork by Yazawa Ai, pictures from here

Those pictures come from the Japanese comic "Gokinjo Monogatari" by the mangaka Yazawa Ai.
Note the platform shoes and sandals. It's pretty funny, because whenever I find myself sketching shoes I only draw platform shoes, platform boots and platforsm sandals. Ha.
To be honest I do not read manga (excluding Ushijima-kun. Loan sharks, oh yes.), but I've always liked Yazawa's illustration and sense of style. Probably you've heard before of a manga/anime called "Nana". One of the two main characters, Nana, was a huge fan of the British designer Vivienne Westwood and could often be spotted wearing her rocking shoes and orbs were EVERYWHERE. My boyfriend bought the whole Nana manga collection in Japanese a while ago, but I still have to read it. My bad.

venerdì 8 ottobre 2010

Back to Paris

Fashion Show pictures - Collage by me

It's late, I should be already sleeping because tomorrow it's going to be a pretty intense and hopefully worthwile day (and big news may follow, hehe).
But... I HAD to give birth to this post, because Hermès just left me speechless. Jean Paul, you do deserve my unconditioned love for this. I should write something about his label as well, but as for now, I'm all about Hermès ss11.
Dusty gunfighters and masked avengers wrapped in leather, oh yes. Everything was so much Back to the Future Part 3, Wild Wild West and Zorro. I loved it, the whole Spaghetti Western feeling and the sudden need to shot some beans jars just for fun.

Anyway... Some Best of the Best spotted as well~

Martin McFly (with poncho)

Indiana "Indy" Jones

Sancho Panza

El Zorro

domenica 3 ottobre 2010

Take Ivy

Take Ivy, in other words the World before the Sartorialist took over the industry of classy street snap-shoots.

Pictures from "Take Ivy", collage by me.

Take a bunch of Japanese gentlemen passionate about American prep fashion in the '60, and lot of well groomed young American men, studying at top class institutions and you will get Take Ivy, once a legendary and mysterious fashion bible and now one of the thousands of books avaiable on Amazon. Oh, you Internet, made everything so immediate and somehow boring.

This post is also dedicated to my American friend Ross. Seeing him on campus was always a pleasure, because of his great taste in clothes and peculiar personality, which always remembered me of the fine young men I could admire on Take Ivy (and made me wonder if Ross had a DeLorean hidden somewhere). This World, and Waseda University in particular, needs more refined people like Ross (and with the SAME taste in shoes, please).

venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

Jil Sanders x UNIQLO

Open the future
Luxury will be semplicity.
Purity in design, beauty and comfort for all.
Quality for the people.
Basics are the common language.

The future is here: +J

A new collaboration between the Japanese UNIQLO and the German designer Jil Sander, in the name of democratic luxury. Despite being ridiculously cheap (a pair of denim can cost as low as 990Y), UNIQLO offers a great deal in terms of quality and price. This new collection is indeed minimalist and defined by clean lines, typical of Jil Sander.
The collection will be avaiable from October 15 (JAPAN) in selected UNIQLO stores.

The +J campaign features Raquel Zimmerman and Christan Ochsenfahrt

#04 Wool Flannel Chesterfield Coat

#01 Wool Tuxedo Jacket

For more pictures and information please visit UNIQLO +J website.

lunedì 27 settembre 2010


Spontaneous rainbow featuring my dirty black Converse, proving that everything can be beautiful under the right light.

domenica 26 settembre 2010

The Best of The Best 2011

If you already are a follower of this blog you might know of my obsession in connecting fashion with pop-culture. Here's a new episode of "The Best of The Best", completely dedicated to S/S 2011 (which was quite a disappointment to me). More to come, I hope, but as for now enjoy~

Betsey Johnsons meets The Smurfs
Because y'all know you need a Smurf outfit in your wardrobe. Just don't ask me WHY.

Jeremy Scott meets ハードゲイ (Hard Gay)
Leather pants+thong. Nuff said.

Jil Sander meets the Jocker
Jil Sander like clean lines, and so does the Jocker. WHY SO SERIOUS, SANDER?

Just Cavalli meets Poison Ivy
Animalier got boring, so let's try with plants this time. And I've got a rush just by looking at the pictures of the show.

Prada meets the Cheshire Cat
THIS IS MADE OF AWESOMENESS AND MAGICAL PUSSY. How many Cheshire Cats did they kill to make that massive fur tail? Me wants, me needs.

Victoria Beckham meets Victoria Beckham and Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice

My hopes are all reposed in Victor&Rolf now.

Check out the old BEST OF THE BEST 2010 (Episode One & Two).

mercoledì 22 settembre 2010

Omotesando is a place on Earth

(Field trip itinerary by Prof. Will Galloway, pictures various sources, collage by me)

Omotesando is the Mecca of Architecture, no doubts about it. A open air exposition of the best names of modern Architecture concentrated in a few square kilometers. Amazing buildings containing tailored dreams, sueded sins and quilted joy.

If you happen to be in Tokyo you should pay a visit to this Architecture and Fashion sanctuary and feel lost in its beauty. Tokyo can be so ugly at times, but places like Omotesando redeem the soul of this otherwise lost city.

venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Lucky red shoes.

I know I should be thinking of my Wonderland, but sometimes I feel like a little Dorothy, lost in the Land of Oz. This is when, almost unintentionally, I buy red clothes and accessoires.
The story behind these cute Marc Jacobs ballerina is quite funny, since I almost forgot I ordered them a few months ago on the net. When I came back to Italy to spend my summer break in my hometown, I found a pretty box next to my bed, and I naively thought it was a present from my mom.

I'm saving them for a "bon-ton" and romantic outfit, perhaps for a lovely winter date?
Oh, a girl can dream.

martedì 24 agosto 2010


When I was a kid I used to play a lot with the now nostalgic paperdolls. I loved to mix and match those little clothes made of paper and find endless combinations. It was such a fascinating game for me. Years later I started playing around with the so-called Kiss Dolls. A Kiss Dolls is basically a paperdoll made of pixels. At the time I used to draw dolls in pixel all the time, and one of my dreams was to build my own Kiss Doll, but the programming part has always scared me to death. I hate programming, yes I do. Today, while lazily browsing HeM I found out their "Fashion Studio", a clever evolution of paperdolls, which also simplifies the whole shopping-process.

These are some of my pics, something I would wear for the upcoming fall. Yes, I'm already excited
about fall. I would also love to see more outfits created by using this software, so please link your creation in the comments!



I already got the poncho.



domenica 1 agosto 2010

Ayana and Yasu

Ayana and Yasu are two Japanese friends I met in college. I met Yasu during my first year at Waseda, during an architecture class. You know when you see someone and then you wish you could be friends with them? Something like that happened with him. I don't really remember how we started talking, but I knew we would eventually become friends. Yasu then introduced me to Ayana, since the three of us (plus another energetic friend, Chi-chan) were taking the same class, about the discovery and research of Dinosaurs. Call me random.

Yasu is always smiling, and his style is often colorful and ironic. His signature garment? Denim vests. Yasu also owns a special denim vest, painted on the back by one of his friends. Yasu is also a music lover, and sometimes a DJ.

Ayana is a graceful young Japanese woman. Her style is incredibly neat and harmonious. She has a preference for stripes, possibly in navy blue or red. Ayana's hair is always nice, and this haircut is so lovely and looks great on her.

venerdì 30 luglio 2010

I'm finally done with all my exams, papers and Japanese tests. Feels good, feels like summer. I will be back in Europe in a few days, after a brief stop in Abu Dhabi. So random.

No snapshots, no pictures, nothing. I have been busy watchin Spice Girls' videos. I could do some shopping, and it's bad to say something like this, but... God bless the economic crisis. Sales here in Japan seem to not come to an end, and this allowed me to buy some clothes for cheap, which is not bad at all. I still hope that the Euro exchange rate will get better, tho.

Switching to another topic, now.

What if only people interested in FASHION were allowed on Facebook. What if all the groups on Facebook were fashion related. What if... there's no what if, for us Japanese speaking people, now.
VOGUE NIPPON created a new SNS, for Voguettes around the Japanese archipelago. I am having so much fun on that website, and I really hope it will grow and become a bigger comunity.
So, if you speak Japanese, is the place to go!

martedì 6 luglio 2010

Tokyo Sweets Factory Third Anniversary Party

Today I went with the adorable Emi to Tokyo Sweets Factory's Thirs Anniversary Party. What can I say? It was such a sweet party and I had a lot of fun there. I really like this kind of party, nice food, good music, cool people&chill. Hope to attend more parties like this one in the near future.

Me taking a picture of Emi taking a picture of cupcakes. Yeh.

They have a really cute aprons line, so posh.

The organizers! On the right, Mai from "Just another Typical Night in Tokyo. The most famous party girl in Tokyo was djing as well!

They also had a cupcake/biscuit decoration workshop. This is mine, isn't so cute?

Macarons and candles, every girl's dream.

Dj Peli

And Misha Janette, a great fashion stylist, journalist and blogger.