domenica 3 ottobre 2010

Take Ivy

Take Ivy, in other words the World before the Sartorialist took over the industry of classy street snap-shoots.

Pictures from "Take Ivy", collage by me.

Take a bunch of Japanese gentlemen passionate about American prep fashion in the '60, and lot of well groomed young American men, studying at top class institutions and you will get Take Ivy, once a legendary and mysterious fashion bible and now one of the thousands of books avaiable on Amazon. Oh, you Internet, made everything so immediate and somehow boring.

This post is also dedicated to my American friend Ross. Seeing him on campus was always a pleasure, because of his great taste in clothes and peculiar personality, which always remembered me of the fine young men I could admire on Take Ivy (and made me wonder if Ross had a DeLorean hidden somewhere). This World, and Waseda University in particular, needs more refined people like Ross (and with the SAME taste in shoes, please).

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