domenica 10 ottobre 2010

Chanel, manga and platform shoes.

CHANEL SS11 shoes.

I've heard (and read online) a lot of people was addressing Chanel platform shoes as "plain ugly", but I find them so gorgeous I just kept staring at the shoes ignoring the clothing hanging on the models. People keep repeating "Less is more" like it was some kind of mantra, but when it comes to reality everybody looks the fancy clothes and crazy shoes. I've always been extremely picky with shoes. Those Chanel shoes are pure perfection expressed trough a clean and practical design. I can't really imagine my feet hurt when wearing platforms. I just noticed I pasted a pair of sleek leather boots in, without any platform under it, but it was just a reminder for me since those would be the perfect boots I've been hunting for ages. Not that I can afford them, but it's nice to know that THEY DO EXIST.
Platforms might scream 90's, but I do not care, even if I regard the 90's as a big disgrace to the humanity in its whole essence. Ok, I just wanted to exaggerate.

Original Artwork by Yazawa Ai, pictures from here

Those pictures come from the Japanese comic "Gokinjo Monogatari" by the mangaka Yazawa Ai.
Note the platform shoes and sandals. It's pretty funny, because whenever I find myself sketching shoes I only draw platform shoes, platform boots and platforsm sandals. Ha.
To be honest I do not read manga (excluding Ushijima-kun. Loan sharks, oh yes.), but I've always liked Yazawa's illustration and sense of style. Probably you've heard before of a manga/anime called "Nana". One of the two main characters, Nana, was a huge fan of the British designer Vivienne Westwood and could often be spotted wearing her rocking shoes and orbs were EVERYWHERE. My boyfriend bought the whole Nana manga collection in Japanese a while ago, but I still have to read it. My bad.

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  1. Basically is a sort of "circular reference", since Ai Yazawa is a notorious fashion victim :D

  2. интересно такая обувь удобная?

  3. -Cinghuis, la Yazawa potrebbe tranquillamente avere una sua linea di moda tanto e' brava nel disegnare gli abiti dei suoi personaggi!

    -LadyGrett riiight :D

    -Sofia Да, оно! :)

  4. I like these shoes but I don'ìt like that Chanel made these...they are a bit out of the CHanel style...However is amazing how Karl reinterpretates the Chanel style in every show!!

  5. Thanks so much, dear!! I'm really glad you loved it.
    Yeah, and I tried to bring something new, cuz all the blogs became so similar to me :(
    But I love reading yours, it differs as well!

    <3 Follow me to be followed back ;)

  6. A little different for Chanel but very nice all the same.