venerdì 30 aprile 2010


floral jumpsuit Zara / tshirt Snoopy / denim vest ?? / sandals Fornarina / sunglasses Dior / headband H&M

Two-tone hair is so last month. My undefined hair color is just better. Having fun on my dirty balcony, trying to keep my flowers and plants alive.

giovedì 29 aprile 2010


Sokeisen, the never ending rivality between Waseda Uni. and Keio Uni. is often expressed trough sport events, like baseball, regatta and so on. We are supposed to be some kind of "Japanese Ivy Leaguers", but a lot dumber. Todays Sokeisen?

Everything involving big, sweaty angry guys mounting each other is a potential new favorite sport for me, and ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce I just found out that I'm an american football lover.

The un-official 応援 team, but still hyper enough to draw on their chest and back the name of our University. The bear on Justin's back is made of awesomeness: holding a knife and not afraid of using it. Based on the Waseda Bear, but way cooler.

Guess the color of my Uni and you will win flying cheerleaders.

Touch Down, Dice K being euphoric. But it won't last for long...

Because we actually lost the game, the players had to bow down in front of us. American Football mamas looking up. Hordes of Keiotes, in blue. It was quite hilarious that there were more Keio players than Keio supporters. HA HA HA.

This guy in some kind of gyaru-o fashion, is holding a terribly interesting book. English as a fuc*ing second language. Will get that book for my boyfriend ASAP.

Therapeuthic okonomiyaki and shopping with Milla followed, because I was very very down.

martedì 27 aprile 2010

Neon Super Girl

Last Sathurday we randomly met this girl in Harajuku. She is a student in my University, and we attend the same faculty. Marie knew her, and asked to take a snap-shot of her outfit. And so did I. I recognized her because she always wears bright colors and her hairdo is flawless, no matter what . Some things can't just pass unnoticed. During the long and nasty Japanese winter her nice tan reminded me of the few days I spent rolling in the sun in some remote island in the middle of the ocean, last September. Memories.

domenica 25 aprile 2010

The Sartorialist is in town.

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is how awesome your life is.

You put your favorite shirt on and go with your beloved Milla for a meet&greet with The King of Style and Lord of Bloggers and have a brief but intense talk. You notice the trench and faint.

You, silly girl, get your agenda signed. A new treasure in your bag.

Then, you meet two amazing girls, and take a picture of them taking pictures of you and Milla. Respectively Marie and Emi (make sure to pay their blogs a visit, they are awesome).

Marie has to leave, and you and the girls decide to go for some window shopping around Harajuku.


You walk back to some remote place near United Arrows where the meet&greet was held, because Hannah needs a veggie burger, and Emi and you crave lemonade. Time goes by, and at some point you just decide to go back home.
This is when a group of three girls walks into Scot Schuman on his way back to United Arrows, and are brave enough to ask him to take a "purikura" (mini-sticker pictures) together. And he says yes. Perfect timing? Destiny? Who knows, and who cares, honestly.
We spent a fair amount of time with him, walking back to Shibuya trough Yoyogi Park, went to Opening Ceremony and finally showed him the infamous 109 mall in Shibuya. We mainly talked about fashion and such, and it was terribly interesting. Mr. Scott is one of those (rare) people you could listen to for hours and hours without getting bored, a real source of inspiration for me and thousands of fashion craving human beings.

Absolutely priceless. April 24th is now The Sartorialist Day, on my calendar.
Emi got some pictures on her blog of our stroll, so check it out.

End of the story. Start breathing again.

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

Sex, freebies and rock 'n roll.

Three things that your average college student won't ever refuse: sex, free food and free stuff in general. Bye bye rock 'n roll.

I have to admit that I am very interested in advertising and its special little world, and living in a big city like Tokyo gives me many opportunities to have a first-hand experience of creative advertising and crazy stuff. A couple of months ago I missed the YSL manifesto: free original totes were given out around the city; the RedBull Minis are everywhere, feeding me free Redbull, and Lipton free teabags in winter. I mean, how cool is this?

Today, Topshop/Topman had some campaign going on near the South Gate of Waseda Uni, in order to let us poor students know that they have a 10% discount all year round for poor students like us. I love repeting myself. Obviously I already knew it, because I know everything, but I thought it was just some esoteric myth or whatever. They even rode some cute bikes. I want a bike as well.

Two eyes in the dark! They're staring at me! Oh! It's just a Japanese lamp! No wait... it's a free tote! In YELLOW! (Tried the "artistic" take and failed)

What I found inside the tote. A pen, a "clear double folder" and some mini-catalog. Neat.
(The guys' version contained a notepad and no pens, they don't need pens)

Don't forget to Follow @topshoptopmanjp and @alicetokyo on Twitter!

My friends and me grabbed the free totes in 0.5 seconds, not because we are cheap, but because yeah, would you ever say no to free stuff? Would you? By the way, if someone from Burberry accidentaly stumbled onto my blog, they should know I have a huge thing for trench coats. Just saying. In honey, by the way.

venerdì 16 aprile 2010

The best of the best pt.2

For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy x

Giorgio Armani meets Cruella de Vil

Hèrmes meets Tuxedo Kamen

Viktor&Rolf meets Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts Keeper of Keys and Ground

Viktor&Rolf meets Fester Addams

(Fashion show pictures from

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010


UT inspired by vintage Vogue covers from the Condé Nast Archive in New York. I really like how the dress of the lady matches my jacket. Pixelled mess in the background, and dirty mirrors are a must. Weird eyes can be a plus.

Marc by Marc Jacobs golden flat shoes/Melissa rubber wedges and Vivianne Westwood stocking

Outfit: tshirt UT (Uniqlo Tshirt) / jacket Zara / denim Evisu / Flats Marc by Marc Jacobs / hat F21

Spring, will you ever come?

sabato 10 aprile 2010

Shinju, mon amour. No, not really.

Today I wanted to go to some aquarium, mainly because I love the life under the sea and wanted to try my new DSLR camera. The whole situation had lead to a huge argument with my lovely boyfriend, and instead we had to go to Shinjuku, a commercial district in central Tokyo, for "some window shopping", which according to him it means "hunting for overpriced clothes with skulls on them in the only three shops I actually like, but at the same time we have to go up and down the same mall about five times and OMG THAT BURBERRY NECKTIE I NEEEED". Sweet. No outfit post, because 1)I looked miserable and used the camera I was holding as an excuse for looking ugly 2)my boyfriend wouldn't take a picture of me, because OH THE FLOWERS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET ARE SO PRETTY *shutter going crazy*.
Anyway, this is what I got.

Lumine 8F Restourants area, particulars of the walls. The first wall was made of old pc monitors, keyboards, fax machines and so on. Pretty fascinating. The second wall was made of colored pieces of plastic, in neon colors. Really pretty.

A huge crab. And it was moving. What else should I say? Tiffany's looking absolutely pretty, as usual. Even that ugly facade can look more acceptable because of Tiffany's.

0101 aka Marui, a popular shopping mall for young pepole. The neon thingy is a Uniqlo something. Uniqlo advertising can be pretty interesting.

Sabot with pink inserts. Issey Miyake, you know everybody loves you, but don't you think those are a little bit over the top? Camel and pink, for GUYS? No, not really. If you are interested, expect to pay 52.000JPY for those ehrm, those yeah, shoes mh. Isetan x VOGUE Nippon. Cats, Japanese love cats. The Isetan crowd love FASHIONISTAS CATS. Great.

I finally rewarded myself with some Italian gelato. 0101 1F is the spot, if you love gelato as much as I do.

Chinese tourists everywhere. I couldn't take a proper front picture, because they where EVERYWHERE and didn't move even after I started complaining in Japanese. However, in China they have giant-pandas, and here in Japan they have giant-cats. That thing is about 2.50meters tall, I guess. Did I mention the love for cats that Japanese have, did I?

I feel like it's time to go to bed.

martedì 6 aprile 2010

College life in Japan is not exciting.

Back to school, and finally as a sophomore. My schedule is pretty hectic, but I will try my best anyway. I need a stellar GPA or I can say goodbye to the Uni I want to go to as exchange student in NY.

Uber fascist architecture/View from bld10

Alice, Sophomore in Waseda Kindergarden and her new crayons (what my friends said)

And cherry blossoms, making this city look a bit more romantic.

And I recived a really lovely gift from Europe. Eheh.

lunedì 5 aprile 2010

Look around, there's no one.

A night out.

Getting ready at Milli's place/Pretending to run away

Aoyama toilets have some nice mirrors/Milla's ALWAYS texting

Going to le Baron/Left le Baron for some tribal dance

Eiko experimenting human Tetris/Taxi ride to Azabu

At F-bar/Eiko and Jaco dancing

Trying to take a picture with Katsuya/Richie and... Katsuya in the background

Instant pictures... Yeah!/Going to Shibuya for some early morning pizza (Jaco and Jono ❤)
And this is what happend to my heels.

Outfit: Sweater:Gemma H. Uomo/ Top:one spo/ shorts:--/ Leggings:lds/ Heels:F21/ Flats:Minnetonka/ Jacket:HEAVENandEARTH/ Backpack:Dickies/ Thing on my head:H&M