sabato 10 aprile 2010

Shinju, mon amour. No, not really.

Today I wanted to go to some aquarium, mainly because I love the life under the sea and wanted to try my new DSLR camera. The whole situation had lead to a huge argument with my lovely boyfriend, and instead we had to go to Shinjuku, a commercial district in central Tokyo, for "some window shopping", which according to him it means "hunting for overpriced clothes with skulls on them in the only three shops I actually like, but at the same time we have to go up and down the same mall about five times and OMG THAT BURBERRY NECKTIE I NEEEED". Sweet. No outfit post, because 1)I looked miserable and used the camera I was holding as an excuse for looking ugly 2)my boyfriend wouldn't take a picture of me, because OH THE FLOWERS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET ARE SO PRETTY *shutter going crazy*.
Anyway, this is what I got.

Lumine 8F Restourants area, particulars of the walls. The first wall was made of old pc monitors, keyboards, fax machines and so on. Pretty fascinating. The second wall was made of colored pieces of plastic, in neon colors. Really pretty.

A huge crab. And it was moving. What else should I say? Tiffany's looking absolutely pretty, as usual. Even that ugly facade can look more acceptable because of Tiffany's.

0101 aka Marui, a popular shopping mall for young pepole. The neon thingy is a Uniqlo something. Uniqlo advertising can be pretty interesting.

Sabot with pink inserts. Issey Miyake, you know everybody loves you, but don't you think those are a little bit over the top? Camel and pink, for GUYS? No, not really. If you are interested, expect to pay 52.000JPY for those ehrm, those yeah, shoes mh. Isetan x VOGUE Nippon. Cats, Japanese love cats. The Isetan crowd love FASHIONISTAS CATS. Great.

I finally rewarded myself with some Italian gelato. 0101 1F is the spot, if you love gelato as much as I do.

Chinese tourists everywhere. I couldn't take a proper front picture, because they where EVERYWHERE and didn't move even after I started complaining in Japanese. However, in China they have giant-pandas, and here in Japan they have giant-cats. That thing is about 2.50meters tall, I guess. Did I mention the love for cats that Japanese have, did I?

I feel like it's time to go to bed.

4 commenti:

  1. Abbiamo un GROM anche qui a Perugia...peccato che io non ci sia mai stata!!Ci dovrò assolutamente andare!!
    Buono il gelato!

    Prima ragazzi con la gonna e ora anche con strani zoccoli con particolari rosa?? Ma che succede agli "uomini" giapponesi?

  2. Nice post but UGLY shoes arrggg


  3. That ice cream shop usually has metre-long lines!!! I particularly like Lumine Est. Oh Shinjuku...

  4. @Japenglian Style, quel tipo di zoccolo e' usato da un saccodi tempo dagli host e gyaruo, tant'e' che anche il caro Tomino ne aveva un paio pitonato... Ma l'inserto rosa... OH MIO DIO.

    @LadyGrett, those shoes are atrocioussss!!! Thanks Miyake!

    @Miss V., we had to wait 10 minutes or so. When I went there with Hannah we could directly enter the shop, but maybe that's because it was a weekday evening. Lumine Est. is AWESOME.