lunedì 5 aprile 2010

Look around, there's no one.

A night out.

Getting ready at Milli's place/Pretending to run away

Aoyama toilets have some nice mirrors/Milla's ALWAYS texting

Going to le Baron/Left le Baron for some tribal dance

Eiko experimenting human Tetris/Taxi ride to Azabu

At F-bar/Eiko and Jaco dancing

Trying to take a picture with Katsuya/Richie and... Katsuya in the background

Instant pictures... Yeah!/Going to Shibuya for some early morning pizza (Jaco and Jono ❤)
And this is what happend to my heels.

Outfit: Sweater:Gemma H. Uomo/ Top:one spo/ shorts:--/ Leggings:lds/ Heels:F21/ Flats:Minnetonka/ Jacket:HEAVENandEARTH/ Backpack:Dickies/ Thing on my head:H&M


1 commento:

  1. Ma è una giacca quella con i teschi?? Stupenda!!
    Quelle scarpe sono meravigliose...certo non le più comode ma bellissime!! Che fine hanno fatto??