giovedì 29 aprile 2010


Sokeisen, the never ending rivality between Waseda Uni. and Keio Uni. is often expressed trough sport events, like baseball, regatta and so on. We are supposed to be some kind of "Japanese Ivy Leaguers", but a lot dumber. Todays Sokeisen?

Everything involving big, sweaty angry guys mounting each other is a potential new favorite sport for me, and ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce I just found out that I'm an american football lover.

The un-official 応援 team, but still hyper enough to draw on their chest and back the name of our University. The bear on Justin's back is made of awesomeness: holding a knife and not afraid of using it. Based on the Waseda Bear, but way cooler.

Guess the color of my Uni and you will win flying cheerleaders.

Touch Down, Dice K being euphoric. But it won't last for long...

Because we actually lost the game, the players had to bow down in front of us. American Football mamas looking up. Hordes of Keiotes, in blue. It was quite hilarious that there were more Keio players than Keio supporters. HA HA HA.

This guy in some kind of gyaru-o fashion, is holding a terribly interesting book. English as a fuc*ing second language. Will get that book for my boyfriend ASAP.

Therapeuthic okonomiyaki and shopping with Milla followed, because I was very very down.

2 commenti:

  1. Io proprio non lo capisco il football americano!!
    Quell'okonomiyaki sembra buonissimo!
    Le uscite tra ragazze sollevano sempre un morale a terra!
    La mia brutta settimana è stata resa migliore dal nuovo Magnum Gold! 1,70€ di puro piacere dorato!

  2. Good stuff, too bad my W on my face didn't make it on your blog. Maybe next time!