domenica 30 maggio 2010


I didn't want to put these online, but the show must go on and I should be studying right now so, here we are.
Just a random outfit I wore to uni last Thursday. I took the pictures right after coming back home, so my make up is quite funny. I was quite tired and forgot to use proper settings for my camera and the horrible pictures came as obvious result.

Sunday, crappy Sunday. Oh oh oh.

dress H&M / vest FUGA(my boyfriend's) / leggings LDS / glasses Tokyu Hands / necklace Vivienne Westwood

sabato 29 maggio 2010

This is war.

1 new Tweet. Oh, it's @topshoptopmanjp. The new Kate Moss for Topshop collection is out in Japan, finally. And then, I happen to click on the link. I laugh, uncontrollably. Topshop Japan, please stop making a fool out of your consumers, it's not even fun anymore.

Lace Trim Blouse

Topshop UK: £50
Topshop JP: ¥15.700 (£119)

Open Back Playsuit

Topshop UK: £80
Topshop JP: ¥25200 (£191)

Pansy Print Maxi Dress

Topshop UK: £85
Topshop JP:¥26250 (£199)

And here, a random treat for you all...

Cape Dress By Meadham Kirchhoff

Topshop UK: £300
Topshop JP: ¥68250 (£512)

I cannot take it anymore. Ok, we live in Japan, we live far away from "Western Fashion", so we deserve to be charged for our sins. But seriously, is charging more than the double admissible? A 20% extra charge would be ok, but charging more than the 50% sounds more like a joke. When my friends and I had our legendary stroll with Mr. Scott aka The Sartorialist, I had a chance to discuss the matter with him, and obviously what he said made sense. It's import merchandise, so naturally it's more expensive, and charging extra money for foreign brands is legit since it somehow protects local Japanese brands. But this. THIS-IS-MADNESS.

I invite my fellow readers from Japan to boycott Topshop Japan. It's ridiculous. We are not stupid, and want our money worth.

Any comment and thought on the matter is really appreciated. Is Topshop so overpriced in your country? Would you still buy Topshop clothes if you had to pay this amount of money? If you want to check out the page with all the prices, here we go.

mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Koenji pt1

Koenji is a small district, located just outside Shinjuku, near Nakano. Koenji is easily reachable by using the Chuo and Sobu line. It's a small and quiet neighborhood that recently gained popularity because its very vintage and eccentric shops scattered around.
Take the South Exit, and then proceede trough this covered shopping street and finally explore the so-called LOOK, a Japanese "shotengai" (again, it means shopping street).
My bad, I didn't really focus on the clothes shops, but I rather took a bunch of pictures of curious objects and views. I will go there again and take some pictures of people and the awesome vintage clothes they have there. As for now, enjoy~

lunedì 24 maggio 2010

Gloomy Shibuya

Pardon me, but today I look particulary bad. The weather was pretty bad, and Shibuya was pretty gloomy, and... grey? I quite hate the fact that I was wearing an outfit I usually wear in autumn.
If you don't know what Shibuya is, well. It's one of the main shopping district in Tokyo, and it is extremely popular among the so called "gyaru". Normal people shop there as well, since you can find almost every fast-fashion chain store in there. I may write a proper post on Shibuya in future.

Ok, how did I manage to make that face. This was the only full shot my boyfriend took of me. Well, there was another one, but one of my eyes was closed and the other one somewhat open. Terrible. Protip: get a boyfriend with photographic skills.

Outfit: jacket Zara / dress Uniqlo / belt my ex roomie Nadia left it behind / necklace&stocking Vivianne Westwood / shoes Melissa / bag Gilfy

K, this one is better.

Spot the "gaijin" (foreigner, in a quite rude way).

Hachiko, the real one.


And, the most disturbing thing you might find in a Japanese arcade. This is a new "Purikura" machine, and hey, it's so scary. Eww.

sabato 22 maggio 2010

Toyama Park Adventure

A pretty random Friday night, ended up in Toyama Park, with stray cats, clochards having barbecues and groups of students practicing African tribal dances to their boombox.

giovedì 20 maggio 2010


I really hate useless updates, but I had to show off my capitan Mickey Mouse long tee I got about one year ago. I love blue and I'm an avid Mickey tees collector. I woke up at 6:30 and then almost fainthed in the over-crowded Chuo Line train on my way to university. There was so much people in the train I almost couldnt get off at my stop. I had to show everybody some rugby moves. Ha.

Hopefully the next entry will be something interesting. I promise.

domenica 16 maggio 2010

Japanese suburbs.

A boring Sunday.

sabato 15 maggio 2010


A while ago I took part in a contest, and I won something like 15.000JPY in "Tosho Card", a type of prepaid card that can be used only in book stores. I am spending this credit mainly for fashion magazines, and today I found something fancy.
Marc by Marc Jacobs e-MOOK, 1200JPY.

A e-MOOK is basically a catalogue with some pictures from the current season, some editoria-alike photoshoots and a bunch of local "celebrities" wearing the brand or holding purses.
They are pretty cheap, and always come with some kind of present.

(Horrible pics today. I had an argument with my camera, sorry)

And here's the present: a face towel, a mini pochette and a slide mirror.

The mirror is my favorite. It looks like a smiley, so pretty.

And them, two "charisma" make up artists, I guess.

Night night.

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Octopus. Slurp.

Lazy day at Uni and then dinner at Mihi's. Me without make up taking pictures in a toilet during class. I kind of like my very masculine eyebrows, and I like to look like a boy.
Also Baba glasses will save the World.

mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

LV x V

I was quite excited when I found this feature about Verbal on Louis Vuitton - The Journey of a Man. Verbal is said to be the most fashionable entertainer in Japan. His trademark are surely his crazy shades and accesories. He's a man of a very eccentric nature and umbelievable creativity. Producer, MC, member of M-flo and Teriyaki Boyz (remember the Tokyo Drift song?), he's also behind AMBUSH DESIGN. And, guess what, on top of that he's also a very friendly and nice person. Why do I know this?
Well, my friend and I met him last Halloween, when my gorgeous girl and me ruled Tokyo in Barbie costumes.
I will keep the rest of this story as a secret, because if I tell to much then what will happen to the mystery? Haha. Wondering what Verbal was wearing for Halloween?

(Pictures from LV - The journey of a man's wardrobe collage by me)
Visit the website for more stylish men around the World and more Verbal looks^

lunedì 10 maggio 2010

New in town.

Please leave a comment and link a fashion/style/lifestyle/anything really blog I should check out. Post your blog as well, I'd love to check it out and leave some comments.
I'm bored and feel adventurous. Surprise me.
In exchange, flowers from my balcony&so much love.

Don't wanna go to school.

'nuff said.

domenica 9 maggio 2010

E.T. Telefono casa.

I bought this tiny ET necklace a couple of months ago, at Kinji in Harajuku, for 105JPY. It's original ET merchandise released by StarPower in 1982, still new and untouched. When I opened it I felt like I was back in the 80's. Sadly, I only bought one of them and when I went back to the shop all the ET accessories were sold out. I died a little inside.
But, whenever I wear my ET necklace I feel very happy and a warm 80's vibe embraces me and my thoughts for a while.

Do you have any "emotional" jewelery piece? I would like to hear your stories.

(In the meanwhile I spent the last three day being disgusting with a bald cold)

mercoledì 5 maggio 2010


Golden Week Day 5: May 5th

Bad hangover&cold. Trying to enjoy the lovely weather on my balcony, reading Vogue Nippon and tanning.

(My Uniqlo pjs)