lunedì 10 maggio 2010

New in town.

Please leave a comment and link a fashion/style/lifestyle/anything really blog I should check out. Post your blog as well, I'd love to check it out and leave some comments.
I'm bored and feel adventurous. Surprise me.
In exchange, flowers from my balcony&so much love.

5 commenti:

  1. She doesn't post that many outfits anymore but her blog is always interesting and nice to read :D
    (ignore my blog, there's nothing on it really : l )

  2. La categoria sarebbe "anything".
    Solo scleri di una qualsiasi =)

  3. @Kaylapoo, that's a really nice blog! It reminds me of my friend V, a fellow blogger (! The pictures are lovely and she seems to be a very sweet person! Thank you for suggesting :) And LJ... I used to have one back then, they're soo fun!

    @Gatsby, evviva gli scleri. Parte fondamentale della mia vita!

  4. oh i follow her blog too LOL she's so cute! yeah my lj is for nothing but ranting and bitching. nothing special :S

  5. Incredible pink!