mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

LV x V

I was quite excited when I found this feature about Verbal on Louis Vuitton - The Journey of a Man. Verbal is said to be the most fashionable entertainer in Japan. His trademark are surely his crazy shades and accesories. He's a man of a very eccentric nature and umbelievable creativity. Producer, MC, member of M-flo and Teriyaki Boyz (remember the Tokyo Drift song?), he's also behind AMBUSH DESIGN. And, guess what, on top of that he's also a very friendly and nice person. Why do I know this?
Well, my friend and I met him last Halloween, when my gorgeous girl and me ruled Tokyo in Barbie costumes.
I will keep the rest of this story as a secret, because if I tell to much then what will happen to the mystery? Haha. Wondering what Verbal was wearing for Halloween?

(Pictures from LV - The journey of a man's wardrobe collage by me)
Visit the website for more stylish men around the World and more Verbal looks^

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