mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Koenji pt1

Koenji is a small district, located just outside Shinjuku, near Nakano. Koenji is easily reachable by using the Chuo and Sobu line. It's a small and quiet neighborhood that recently gained popularity because its very vintage and eccentric shops scattered around.
Take the South Exit, and then proceede trough this covered shopping street and finally explore the so-called LOOK, a Japanese "shotengai" (again, it means shopping street).
My bad, I didn't really focus on the clothes shops, but I rather took a bunch of pictures of curious objects and views. I will go there again and take some pictures of people and the awesome vintage clothes they have there. As for now, enjoy~

4 commenti:

  1. used&ridicule hehe great slogan!


  2. these are really cool photos! i actually got my vogue tshirt as a gift from my dad who just got back from a work trip in Hong Kong! and you live in Tokyo right? well that must be how we have the same shirt! haha because no one in Los Angelos has one :] I really like your blog and i think it would be cool if we followed each other :] so we are now following you! hope you do the same <3

    have a great day!
    xo, camilla

  3. woah great photos !
    i love how u captured the essence of tokyo by taking these random pictures !
    great blog !

    have a great weekend !

  4. Wow, wonderful photos! These make me want to return to Tokyo ASAP! I loved it while I was there earlier this year, but I was only there for one night and one day. I will be back...