lunedì 3 maggio 2010

BBQ at Sawai

Golden Week day 2: May 2nd, Sawai.

BBQ with Mihi&Friends in Sawai. They have some delicious Nihon-shu, so we go there about twice a year just to drink it and enjoy some fresh air.

7 foreigners and one lost Japanese on their way to Sawai / Ludvig at the mini-grill

Mihi walking away, Emilio with one of the bottles of Nihonshu / Beautiful wild Orchid

The "Sake Garden" / Lazy Rabbiddo

I *adidas* Tokyo / Karakuchi, Chukuchi, Umakuchi?

Dead Tomo by the river

1 commento:

  1. Povero Tomo, ma che era stanco o ha solo bevuto alla "giapponese" cioè troppo??
    Il tempo era bello, che fortuna!