lunedì 24 maggio 2010

Gloomy Shibuya

Pardon me, but today I look particulary bad. The weather was pretty bad, and Shibuya was pretty gloomy, and... grey? I quite hate the fact that I was wearing an outfit I usually wear in autumn.
If you don't know what Shibuya is, well. It's one of the main shopping district in Tokyo, and it is extremely popular among the so called "gyaru". Normal people shop there as well, since you can find almost every fast-fashion chain store in there. I may write a proper post on Shibuya in future.

Ok, how did I manage to make that face. This was the only full shot my boyfriend took of me. Well, there was another one, but one of my eyes was closed and the other one somewhat open. Terrible. Protip: get a boyfriend with photographic skills.

Outfit: jacket Zara / dress Uniqlo / belt my ex roomie Nadia left it behind / necklace&stocking Vivianne Westwood / shoes Melissa / bag Gilfy

K, this one is better.

Spot the "gaijin" (foreigner, in a quite rude way).

Hachiko, the real one.


And, the most disturbing thing you might find in a Japanese arcade. This is a new "Purikura" machine, and hey, it's so scary. Eww.

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  1. You look fantastic! And trust me, I know my part abt bfs without any photographic talents... :(

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