sabato 29 maggio 2010

This is war.

1 new Tweet. Oh, it's @topshoptopmanjp. The new Kate Moss for Topshop collection is out in Japan, finally. And then, I happen to click on the link. I laugh, uncontrollably. Topshop Japan, please stop making a fool out of your consumers, it's not even fun anymore.

Lace Trim Blouse

Topshop UK: £50
Topshop JP: ¥15.700 (£119)

Open Back Playsuit

Topshop UK: £80
Topshop JP: ¥25200 (£191)

Pansy Print Maxi Dress

Topshop UK: £85
Topshop JP:¥26250 (£199)

And here, a random treat for you all...

Cape Dress By Meadham Kirchhoff

Topshop UK: £300
Topshop JP: ¥68250 (£512)

I cannot take it anymore. Ok, we live in Japan, we live far away from "Western Fashion", so we deserve to be charged for our sins. But seriously, is charging more than the double admissible? A 20% extra charge would be ok, but charging more than the 50% sounds more like a joke. When my friends and I had our legendary stroll with Mr. Scott aka The Sartorialist, I had a chance to discuss the matter with him, and obviously what he said made sense. It's import merchandise, so naturally it's more expensive, and charging extra money for foreign brands is legit since it somehow protects local Japanese brands. But this. THIS-IS-MADNESS.

I invite my fellow readers from Japan to boycott Topshop Japan. It's ridiculous. We are not stupid, and want our money worth.

Any comment and thought on the matter is really appreciated. Is Topshop so overpriced in your country? Would you still buy Topshop clothes if you had to pay this amount of money? If you want to check out the page with all the prices, here we go.

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  1. I am with you on this, my dear. I saw the ad for the new collection and there was some stuff I reeeeally wanted, but those prices are just WRONG.

    1. All hail Her Majesty Hannah Wuzel, the Queen of Japan! 

  2. What about Muji products in UK thennn?? It's outrageous!