venerdì 30 luglio 2010

I'm finally done with all my exams, papers and Japanese tests. Feels good, feels like summer. I will be back in Europe in a few days, after a brief stop in Abu Dhabi. So random.

No snapshots, no pictures, nothing. I have been busy watchin Spice Girls' videos. I could do some shopping, and it's bad to say something like this, but... God bless the economic crisis. Sales here in Japan seem to not come to an end, and this allowed me to buy some clothes for cheap, which is not bad at all. I still hope that the Euro exchange rate will get better, tho.

Switching to another topic, now.

What if only people interested in FASHION were allowed on Facebook. What if all the groups on Facebook were fashion related. What if... there's no what if, for us Japanese speaking people, now.
VOGUE NIPPON created a new SNS, for Voguettes around the Japanese archipelago. I am having so much fun on that website, and I really hope it will grow and become a bigger comunity.
So, if you speak Japanese, is the place to go!

martedì 6 luglio 2010

Tokyo Sweets Factory Third Anniversary Party

Today I went with the adorable Emi to Tokyo Sweets Factory's Thirs Anniversary Party. What can I say? It was such a sweet party and I had a lot of fun there. I really like this kind of party, nice food, good music, cool people&chill. Hope to attend more parties like this one in the near future.

Me taking a picture of Emi taking a picture of cupcakes. Yeh.

They have a really cute aprons line, so posh.

The organizers! On the right, Mai from "Just another Typical Night in Tokyo. The most famous party girl in Tokyo was djing as well!

They also had a cupcake/biscuit decoration workshop. This is mine, isn't so cute?

Macarons and candles, every girl's dream.

Dj Peli

And Misha Janette, a great fashion stylist, journalist and blogger.

sabato 3 luglio 2010

Maxi Bag

dress H&M / tshirt H&M / cardi GEMMA UOMO H. (boyfriend's) / belt my roomie Nadya left behind when she moved out / ring F21 / necklace Vivienne Westwood / flip-flops Hawaianas

This is my take on maxi-dresses, no boho-chic but your-average-highschool-goth-kid. Sorry for the last picture, it's quite gross, but that's the only picture which shows the belt.

I was coming back home from college, when I felt the urge of some junk food, and I stopped at the local McDonalds. I ordered a small yoghurt milkshake and french fries, and the whole thing came with that huge bag. Quite funny, isn't it. They always have this bad habit of giving out HUGE shopping bags.

When you see it.

This is the type of guy I'd do anything for. The fluffy dark hair, the forelock, the unbottoned shirt and that pronounced nose make me smile whitout a reason. That exquisite Italian feel I love.

And then... Oh, who cares. I will just enjoy those pictures without thinking too much and get my copy of Vogue Hommes this September.