sabato 3 luglio 2010

When you see it.

This is the type of guy I'd do anything for. The fluffy dark hair, the forelock, the unbottoned shirt and that pronounced nose make me smile whitout a reason. That exquisite Italian feel I love.

And then... Oh, who cares. I will just enjoy those pictures without thinking too much and get my copy of Vogue Hommes this September.

4 commenti:

  1. Hmm..hairstyle is too much Pattinson-like for me

  2. There are rumors going around that this is Lady Gaga. Even if it's not, the resemblance is striking.

  3. Chinghius, Pattinson e' osceno. Era carino ai tempi di Diggory, ma ora... bleah D:

    Ashley, that must be Gaga, and that what bugs me haha

  4. Yeah, he is actually Lady Gaga! xD His/her fake name is Joe Calderone.