venerdì 30 luglio 2010

I'm finally done with all my exams, papers and Japanese tests. Feels good, feels like summer. I will be back in Europe in a few days, after a brief stop in Abu Dhabi. So random.

No snapshots, no pictures, nothing. I have been busy watchin Spice Girls' videos. I could do some shopping, and it's bad to say something like this, but... God bless the economic crisis. Sales here in Japan seem to not come to an end, and this allowed me to buy some clothes for cheap, which is not bad at all. I still hope that the Euro exchange rate will get better, tho.

Switching to another topic, now.

What if only people interested in FASHION were allowed on Facebook. What if all the groups on Facebook were fashion related. What if... there's no what if, for us Japanese speaking people, now.
VOGUE NIPPON created a new SNS, for Voguettes around the Japanese archipelago. I am having so much fun on that website, and I really hope it will grow and become a bigger comunity.
So, if you speak Japanese, is the place to go!

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  1. just found your blog and after a few posts stumbled upon this one. how cute is your necklace! may I ask where you got it?