domenica 1 agosto 2010

Ayana and Yasu

Ayana and Yasu are two Japanese friends I met in college. I met Yasu during my first year at Waseda, during an architecture class. You know when you see someone and then you wish you could be friends with them? Something like that happened with him. I don't really remember how we started talking, but I knew we would eventually become friends. Yasu then introduced me to Ayana, since the three of us (plus another energetic friend, Chi-chan) were taking the same class, about the discovery and research of Dinosaurs. Call me random.

Yasu is always smiling, and his style is often colorful and ironic. His signature garment? Denim vests. Yasu also owns a special denim vest, painted on the back by one of his friends. Yasu is also a music lover, and sometimes a DJ.

Ayana is a graceful young Japanese woman. Her style is incredibly neat and harmonious. She has a preference for stripes, possibly in navy blue or red. Ayana's hair is always nice, and this haircut is so lovely and looks great on her.

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  1. randomly found your blog, and i love your blog style. So jealous that you live in Japan. Tokyo's one of my favorite cities in the world!

    Following your form hawaii!