domenica 10 luglio 2011

My own design comes to life ~ Shoes of Prey Leopard Booties

I was awoken by a rather long earthquake today (epicenter was in Iwate, please can you just leave them alone, Mother Nature?), and a few minutes later mailman knocked my door and delivered me a package containing a lovely surprise... A new pair of shoes!

A few weeks ago I designed a pair of ankle booties on Shoes of Prey, a website that allows costumers find their perfect order-made pair of shoes. It's great for those girls like me, who are always looking for the perfect pair of shoes but can never ever find anything near what they have in mind. I'm absolutely picky when it comes to shoes, as I pay way too much attention to material, design, particulars, comfort and so on. I don't buy too many shoes because it's quite hard for me to find shoes that actually meet my standards but I was pleasantly surprised by Shoes of Prey.

Here's the design...

ankle, booties, shoes of prey, leopard, heels, shoes
Hair - Leopard, Suede - Black, 8.8cm Heel

And here's what I got! Sweet, right?

ankle, booties, shoes of prey, leopard, heels, shoes
Tatami mats and leopard shoes. Yeah.

bankle, booties, shoes of prey, leopard, heels, shoes

ankle, booties, shoes of prey, leopard, heels, shoes

The shoes came in a sleek black box, containing a dust bag, paddings and two types of heel cushions and a picture of the shoes I designed. I love how Shoes of Prey wants their shoes to be as comfortable as possible and perfectly fit the costumer's feet, as you can also specify wether your feet is on the wide side.
The quality of the shoes is really nice and they seem to be really easy to walk in, as the heel is not too high (I chose a 8.8cm height, but you can get taller heels as well) and the platform makes things even better. Another bonus point is that Shoes of Prey only uses genuine leather, which is just the best for your feet.

Now, let's talk about the design itself. I am a big animalier fanatic, and as it seems that the whole trend won't fade anytime soon, I chose to use a leopard print for my shoes. I imagined myself wearing those shoes paired with a simple, possibly monocolor, outfit so the leopard print would pop and define my style.

Check Shoes of Prey website out and design your own, unique dream shoes, and fell in love like I did with my leopard ankle booties.

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