giovedì 25 marzo 2010

Cherry girl


My DSLR virginity?


Say hello to my new Nikon D5000 and my dirty 315 yen mirror.

Today, I was supposed to recive this cutie directly in my post, but the website I ordered it from denied the order, because of my foreign credit card. God bless Japan. I was really upset, especially since they canceled the order yesterday night. I decided I'd get my new camera today, no matter what, and I headed to Bic Camer. They saved my day. I paid almost the same price I'd pay online (and got a five year insurance for the baby), plus the tiny Nikoman presented me with a kick-ass camera bag. I treated myself with a delicious Salmon and Shrimp salad afterwards. Well done, Alice. Words can't describe how hyper I am right now. I just have to figure out how to take decent pictures.

I love love soda. Actually Guava Nectar is not soda, but who cares?

6 commenti:

  1. I've got the granma of the D5000, the D60 and very happy with it!
    And now...Flickr. A must have for the DSLR addicted!!

  2. After u learn how to take decent pictures with it, u'll learn that the standard lens u usually get with the camera is crap, and u'll have to spend at least another 300€ on a decent lens :/ But be happy about it anyway!!!! Colors taken with a compact cannot compare to those taken with a DSLR !

  3. Ad agosto quella D5000 sarà tra le mie manine!
    Non vedo l'ora!
    Acquisto da 10 e lode!

  4. lol i was just drinking a cherry coke right now hahaha