martedì 23 marzo 2010

Shinmai Creator's Project 2010

Tokyo Fashion offered a coverage of a Shinmai Creator's Project, featuring four young brands, a kick-off for Japan Fashion Week. Shinmai (新米) is the Japanese word for "new rice". Rice has a great importance in Japanese culture, and the harvest of fresh rice is a greatly awaited moment in Japan.

The Individualist A/W 2010-11

Soft collars, loose scarves and fitted blazers for men, shorts and leggings for lost Cinderellas.

Fabiola Arias A/W 2010-11

Plum lips, impressive headpieces and feathery fabrics for a bon-ton girl with a crush on Chanel.

A Degree Fahrenheit A/W 2010-11

Urban warriors in black, metropolitan heroines in red tights. Monks-alike capes, and a re-styled trench becomes a sexy leotard/monokini.

Akane Utsunomiya A/W 2010-11

Calm tones and nudy colors for a lazy Autumn, although some neon pieces are still showing under the one-pieces. A reminescence of a Summer that has yet to come.

2 commenti:

  1. Twitter spam do work :D
    And I love soft collars & loose scarves!

  2. Cinghius :DD
    Anyway, a dicembre ho comprato una sciarpa molto simile a quella prima foto in Korea, andavano da matti!