sabato 5 giugno 2010

Perfect weather in Harajuku

I should be working on a report in Japanese and a presentation, both due this Monday, but of course I'm here procastinating and therefore I felt the urge to update the blog.

I went to Harajuku/Omotesando, one of my favorite area in Tokyo. A lot of affordable shops, even more luxury shops and a high chance of finding some greate vintage deals. I will blog more about this in future.

Being Friday afternoon, it wasn't so crowded, and there was no sign of the weird kids that usually spend their week-ends showing off their crazy outfits on this bridge.

Yuki, looking very professional in his recruit suit. I still remember his wild and dyed hair. Japanese youth change their looks so drastically during the so-called "job hunting".

We then moved to Shibuya and met Milla, for some speed shopping. Bea, me and Milla.

Kuni and Ken. He has a Canon, and I have a Nikon, therefore we cannot be friends.

We had some pizza at the new Sbarro, and despite being your usual picky Italian, I can say it was pretty decent.

Around 8 we went to Shima, because Milla's friend and hair stylist needed two "hair arrange models". He is Mr. Masuda and works at SHIMA Omotesando. He did our hair and then took some pictures. I also got my make up done, and they had to use so much conceal on my eye bags! I really liked the way Mr. Masuda styled our hair, we need some curls in our lives!

dress SLY / shorts UNIQLO / sandals Fornarina / bag Gilfy

8 commenti:

  1. Che carino Kuni ^^
    Quando verrò in Giappone me lo presenti??
    Certo che farsi fare i capelli è proprio bello, e lui è bravo!
    Giornata a dir poco bellissima e foto altrettanto belle!

  2. Gorgeous dress top!

  3. Grazie per essere passata dal mio blog!!! Infatti ho iniziato ad usare photobucket...finalmente ho imparato ad usarlo!!! Che bello che stai a Tokyo! Andare in Giappone è uno dei miei sogni...conosci il Giapponese?! Sarà la mia seconda laurea quando divento vecchia!
    un bacio!!


    and masuda san! he is honto-ni oshare!

  5. Love your dress! I always blog instead of revising haha!

    - Adele

  6. ciao!!! mi piace il tuo blog....che bello vivi a Tokio...un giorno mi piacerebbe farci un salto..baci Eli

  7. Cool blog, thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment. Will visit again soon! x